After visiting Tom’s wife for a Sports Massage I found out Tom was a Hypnotherapist. I Jokingly mentioned always having problems with my nerves and biting my nails. I had a chat with Tom there and then and he booked me in for a consultation.

The initial consultation itself was like a major breakthrough for me and made me realise that how I looked at things in life, past and present was in fact very jumbled and confused!

I felt nervous at my first Hypnotherapy session but Tom put me straight at ease and I soon nodded off, waking up completely refreshed and ready to smash (small but meaningful) goals for the week ahead.

Since then, my outlook has changed a great deal, things that would’ve hugely bothered me before are like water off a ducks back now, my energy levels are up, my sleep has improved and my attitude (so I have been told) has changed too.

I cannot recommend Tom highly enough and looking forward to whatever else I can achieve with this different mind set that Hypnotherapy has shown me I have deep down!

Impressive service

“Working with Tom is great. He is a friend of mine which isn’t why I’m giving him the 5*. The fact he’s a friend should actually make this process really awkward but I thought I’d just go and have a chat with him anyway and see how I felt about it all. He’s totally professional & really knowledgeable – I’m impressed Tom. If you’re not sure whether to give this a go, if you’re embarrassed about what might come up? Don’t worry as his years of experience in the RAF & Police force make him unshockable so you’ve got nothing to worry about.
Anyway, top marks from me. Im still work in progress but we’ve ironed out so much already, I am delighted.”


“After suffering for years with TMJ jaw pain caused by teeth clenching I was advised by my oral facial consultant to try some hypnotherapy sessions as he believed my teeth clenching was stress related. I had tried everything from medication, yoga and a bite guard but nothing helped. I was not very keen on the idea of hypnotherapy at first and was very sceptical about what was involved. I met with Tom who instantly put me at ease with his friendly, approachable and easy going character. He explained everything to me and how hypnotherapy could help me with my issues. After a couple of sessions my pain had eased and I learned how to relax more and deal with everyday pressures and stress more easily. He has given me the confidence to take control of my feelings and how I deal with stress. The sessions were very relaxing and made me enjoy having time to myself to concentrate on looking after my needs rather than rushing around putting everyone else first. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is seeking to improve any aspect of their lives, whether it be mental or physical issues.
Tom really knows his stuff and can put you at ease making the sessions really worth while.”


“I went to Tom having had a fear of dogs for the last 65 years. Tom immediately put me at ease and explained everything to me really well. I understood what was happening and felt confident he was going to be able to help me.
After just 5 sessions with Tom I feel free. I don’t have that fear anymore which is really weird, in a good way. I feel like I have been released from a prison, I can walk down the street again and visit friends without having to think if there will be a dog, life is just so much better. I can’t thank Tom enough.”


” I went to see Tom having suffered with a phobia of food for as long as I can remember. After just a few sessions with Tom, I feel free, for what feels like the first time in my life I can now go to a restaurant with my partner, without worrying if I will be able to eat anything. I have also felt less stressed generally and seem to have more self confidence.”