Sleep Problems

Hypnotherapy For Sleep Problems.

Sleep is often one of the first things that is affected when we feel stress, anxious or depressed. And fortunately, sleep is something that can be greatly improved by hypnotherapy. Whether you are lying awake at night unable to switch off, or waking during the night with your mind racing and unable to get back to sleep, or waking too early, or sleeping and sleeping but still feeling exhausted – we can help!

Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to relax and go to sleep, and stay asleep, if you are suffering from insomnia. We can help to calm down the part of your mind that is wide awake and worrying during the night when you are trying to sleep. Hypnotherapy will also help to regulate your sleep and REM patterns if you are sleeping too much and finding it difficult to wake up, perhaps feelings groggy and tired despite having slept for a long time. During your Initial Consultation, I will explain to you how the mind works, and how and why sleep can be affected by stress. We provide you with a free relaxation CD which will help to ensure your are getting the best out of your sleep patterns.

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