Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Relaxation Positivity

“Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy……by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of will-power and self healing.”

The Health Education Authority 

Forget me nots hypnosis Hypnosis is the single most powerful psycho-therapeutic tool for breaking the negative states of Depression and Anxiety. It can help with Stress, Smoking cessation, Weight management, Phobias, Confidence, Pain Control, Improved Professional and Sporting Performance Hypnosis is a natural method of altering someone’s state of consciousness. It is very pleasant and relaxing, but at one with deep concentration. We will not lose awareness of control, in fact our awareness is heightened. 

Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring about therapeutic change.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy involves the use of modern methods which helps a large range of symptoms. This therapy is concerned with helping people achieve what they want to achieve in life… fact very often this therapy helps individuals to really identify what it is they actual want and then helps them to achieve that. In solution oriented hypnosis we are working towards the future that we want without the need to analyse or ‘re-live’ the past, there is absolutely no requirement to revisit painful memories or events, and wonderfully change is often achieved rapidly.

Solution based therapy is now recognised as one of the most successful interventions in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety disorders.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. The Psychotherapy in itself is extremely beneficial and its effects  are enhanced by the application of hypnosis, which enables the subconscious mind to make beneficial, positive, and long lasting change.

Many people believe that Hypnotherapy is something that is done to them, that they explain their issue to the therapist who then simply hypnotises their problem away, as if by magic.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a much more collaborative approach and it is important to understand that change happens because you want it to happen and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

The initial consultation is free of charge and is designed to assess what it is you want to achieve, how hypnotherapy can help you, and how many sessions you are likely to need (this is always only an estimate).

Subsequent sessions involve much more than Hypnosis. During the first part of each session we’ll talk about how well you are progression, and developing the skill of Positivity, I’ll encourage you to express yourself positively, focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

Identifying our preferred future

I’ll Help you imagine you preferred future, a future where you have a more useful perspective on the quality of your life. I’ll then guide you into a relaxed state of Hypnosis so that we can consolidate what we have discussed.

What is Hypnosis like? Well actually we experience the Hypnotic state regularly in our everyday lives. Many of us have experienced driving home, or to the shop or work, and not remembered anything about the journey, been so engrossed in a book not noticing the time that has passed. This is essentially the a state of focused attention, very similar to the feeling experienced in Hypnosis.

What Hypnosis is:

Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention. In this wonderfully relaxed state, your mind is more responsive to positive suggestion. Within this therapeutic setting, the suggestions are designed to be beneficial to help you change unhelpful thought patterns.

Hypnosis like daydreaming

It’s often describe by clients how “normal” or “ordinary” Hypnosis feels, it’s very similar to daydreaming, you can often hear everything that is being said whilst in a very relaxed state. In fact, it could be considered guided daydreaming.


What Hypnosis isn’t:

Contrary to the image portrayed in films, books and the media, Hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind – no one can Hypnotise you against your will. Nobody can make you do something that you do not want to do. Your subconscious mind will simply reject  any suggestion that is inappropriate to you