Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance. 

Whilst I am not going to suggest that we can excel at sport simply by using our mental ability without any physical practice, but it is very clear that  sporting skills can be enhanced quite remarkably by utilising the power of our mind in a positive way.

The American soldier, Colonel George Hall, was held in prison in Vietnam for 5 1/2 years. He was kept in very difficult conditions that made it extremely difficult to keep fit, and certainly he couldn’t play his favourite sport, Golf. In order to occupy his mind and keep his sanity he played a round of golf over his favourite course back home, inside his head, at least once a day for those 5 1/2 years he was held captive. this was in spite of being kept in solitary confinement most of the time in a cell 8 1/2 feet by 8 1/2 feet.

When he left to go to Vietnam he had played golf with a 4 handicap. 5 1/2 years later he returned and was asked to play a round with some friends. To their amazement, and in spite of his physical weakness, he played to his original 4 handicap. When his friends expressed their amazement, saying that he had not played for 5 1/2 years, he told them that, on the contrary he had played mentally every day over that period and he knew every blade of grass, every bunker and every shot he had ever played.
source: The Psychology of Winning Tape.

This story has entered into legend and illustrates the point, that provided mental practice is conscientiously sustained, skills can be maintained and indeed enhanced.

Tiger woods has famously exemplified the benefits of a clear focused mindset. It is well documented that he used hypnotherapy to enhance his playing abilities from the age of 13. Like all forms of training, mental training has to be carried out conscientiously and with discipline. The ability to train mentally can be learned quite quickly, certainly painlessly, and by everyone.

Sportsmen and women, athletes of all disciplines and abilities are looking inside as well as outside themselves, seeking to develop or utilise the talents and powers that they possess. Of all the methods used to unlock the doors to the powers within each of us, one is now standing out – Hypnotherapy.

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Hypnotherapy allows us to access the additional physical resources we all have inside us, that can sometimes be seen in times of emergency. With practice each of us can boost our normal mind-body levels in so many ways. Hypnotherapy is the practical application of hypnosis towards specific goals. The process of inducing hypnosis is in effect a focusing of the conscious processes to a point where an altered ‘state’ of awareness is achieved. This allows us into the main part of the mind, the subconscious, the large part of the mind that we normally have limited access to, but that is generally responsible for all our thought and behavioural patterns. Everyone can go into a hypnotic trance, and do, many times a day, hypnosis is most effective when the individual is highly motivated to be hypnotised and has a positive attitude towards the process.

Mental Rehearsal builds confidence and concentration, it also becomes an additional training camp and allows us to develop techniques that help our sporting performance, because importantly, studies have shown that when we ‘imagine’ performing an action or technique regularly we develop neural connections in the brain in the same way as if we were physically practicing that technique, the muscles remember the action in the same way as the brain.

Hypnosis can also of course help to reduce performance anxiety and nerves, so we can perform understress. Promoting the visualisation of positive outcomes and having the ability of increased focus and being ‘in the moment’.

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Numerous world-class athletes and sportspeople have used hypnotherapy to help them achieve their full potential in their chosen field. There are three main areas involved with sports performance therapy that we can work on: confidence, motivation and method.

Confidence can sometimes be adversely affected if you have either had a negative experience, or if your general stress levels have increased for some reason. Hypnotherapy will help to restore and improve your confidence so that you feel you can and you will bring out your best performance. We will reduce general stress, as well as teaching you effective ways to remain calm and to relax. If you have had an unpleasant experience that is affecting your performance, we can gently and effectively remove any negative association, so you can return to enjoying your chose sport once again.

Motivation can often wane when we are feeling low, sad or depressed, or sometimes if we have just been out of the game for a while and need help getting back into the swing of training and practising. Perhaps your new, or enhance training schedule is challenging? With hypnotherapy, you will learn how to increase your motivation levels, to feel more energised and enthusiastic, and to derive more pleasure from working towards your goals.

The power of visual rehearsal cannot be over-stated. When we rehearse something in our mind, we actually improve at it mentally and physically, as well as greatly enhancing our confidence and self-belief that we are able to execute the performance. With hypnotherapy, we can rehearse the method and execution of your performance, working through each move in as much detail as required. We do this while you are in trance, and the mind and body are relaxed and highly suggestible to learning.

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