New Beginnings

I am often asked what made me take the direction I have to become a solution focused hypnotherapist so I thought that this was as good a subject as any to cover in this, my first blog.

As I see the start of this website and indeed the realisation of Tom McIntyre Hypnotherapy becoming a reality I begin to think about the personal process I have taken to get to this point.

As some may know, I’m a police officer and have been for many years. Changes were made to conditions of police service a couple of years ago and it would have been very easy to have become angry, and get down (not in the disco sense of get down) about what happened – the whole working longer, paying more, getting less thing, and I must admit I probably went through that stage.

Then it dawned on me that Life is TOO PRECIOUS to wish away, with the hope of getting a pension to enjoy in later life. I realised how unhealthy it was for me to look to the future whilst forgetting to live in the moment.

So, a decision needed to be made and that decision led me to try and write a CV. This was an interesting process, and not one I had done before, because it forced me to reflect on my own skills, qualifications and what I was good at. This can be tricky, because we are programmed at times to be modest and humble, which is fine, but that can of course mean that we fail to see what others see in us, what we are good at, and at times only see what we are not so good at.

So, this process allowed me to recognise that joining the military at 16 and going from there to the police didn’t produce many certificated qualifications, but did let me develop skills, particularly in terms of communication. So I can talk, and I can listen.

What else?

I like helping people, being able to see people grow and achieve their personal goals must be the greatest privilege of all. My work in the police has been all about helping people, letting them feel safe so they can grow in confidence and move forward, so I thought why not use that passion.

So, what next?

Think of where you want to get to, then how are you going to get there? I want to be a qualified, skilled therapist and to get there I need to train. So I started to look around at the best route for me, the best solution that would work for me, not trying to be a carbon copy of someone else.

I trained as a person centred counsellor initially, then discovered hypnotherapy quite by chance in conversation with a friend and I was instantly excited by it, particularly when I found out more. It was important to me to get the best possible training so that’s where I went (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training) and started this journey – got that straight from X Factor or BGT ‘it’s been such a journey’ – but it genuinely has, and easily the most positive thing I have ever done.

There are many steps to make still which is a little daunting but also super exciting. I realise that by being POSITIVE in my THOUGHTS – having a vision of where you want to be and how to get there, POSITIVELY INTERACTING with others – listening to advice, being ready to be open with people and then taking POSITIVE ACTION towards achieving my goals by getting the best training I can, and fully committing to it, I am moving closer and closer to where I want to be. The most special thing for me is that I can now enjoy each moment, living in the moment, having a future plan that is positive and exciting.

I can see that the principles of solution focused hypnotherapy are reflected in how I have got here and importantly where I will be going, that I have absorbed the principles along the way and put them into action without being consciously aware of it, until sitting down to write this blog, and I guess that’s the point. What is tremendously freeing is that I know that I can only become more skilled in my work, and when writing blogs. This may not be a perfect piece of work but I’m happy that I know that perfection is almost unobtainable and frankly at times unnecessary, it’s so much more important to be the person you are.

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